Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Painted Acorn and Pinecone Apothecaries

Do you remember all those beautiful acorns that my sons and I collected?

I had an enormous pile of acorns and I was determined to use them in my Fall decor. After some deliberation, I decided that I liked the woodsy look of the nuts but the caps of the acorns could use a little pizazz.

First I tried spray glue and glitter, but it looked a little too clumpy. So I decided to go with spray paint and glitter. I ended up using a bronze glitter spray, white paint, and gold metallic spray paint.

I took the caps off the acorns, sprayed them, and then hot glued them back onto the nuts. I loved the way the acorns turned out! The bronze spray glitter gave the acorns a natural and sparkly look that I really love.

The gold caps look awesome on the acorns!

The white paint that my husband had on hand also looked really nice with the brown of the acorn nuts.

I also painted some pinecones and put them in my apothecary jars with the acorns. I think they really add a little something extra. I found some dark pinecones that are almost black and since they were a nice color already, I paired with the bronze pinecones.

I love the way my apothecaries turned out!

I think they really add a natural, woodsy look to my fall decor.

So what do you think of my acorn apothecaries?

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  1. Wow!! Those are awesome!! I'm a bit jealous of your craftiness!

  2. I love your acorn apothecaries! So stinkin' creative!
    Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind words. :)

  3. Such a cute idea! They almost look eatable. :)

  4. So beautiful! Can you come decorate my place?

  5. EW! I LOVE these! You need to put this on Pinterest! My acorns look nowhere as good as yours! Beautiful! Also, did you have bugs in yours after collecting from outside? I collected several and when I was arranging them I found bugs in the bottom of the container. So gross! Anyway, great job!

  6. yeah! They're great, a wonderful idea, I especially like the white ones, the colours of the acorns are lovely and dark , well done and thanks for sharing :)

  7. How neat!! Looks great!

  8. Aren't you crafty! We did a craft project today too. One that "can't be ruined", um, yeah right!

  9. the acorns turned out way cute. Way to go.