Thursday, September 15, 2011

You Capture: Apples to Apples

When I saw the theme this week on You Capture was apples, I thought it would be no problem! After all, we love to eat apples at our house! Plus I saw a really fun idea on Pinterest that I just had to try.

So I was up last night after 10 p.m., taking these pictures on the kitchen floor. Sometimes when you have three kids, the middle of the night is the only time to get stuff done!

I also wanted to share some pictures of the real apples around here.... the apples of my eye! I would have posted a picture of them all together, but apparently I have not taken one for a while.




How do you like them apples?!



  1. The heart apples are cool, but the three apples beneath them are super cute!

  2. I liked ALL those apples! What a cute picture with the aples. and your kids are SOOOO stinkin cute!!!!!! You can show as many pictures of those apples as you want :)

  3. SO CREATIVE!!! I literally couldn't get it together for the one idea I had- so I skipped this one this week. But I am so inspired by your shots!

  4. Love that apple shot - very creative!

  5. Those hearts are so pretty. What a great idea. And of course your darling kids are well... DARLING!! :D

  6. Aww, what a cute interpretation of apples -- the kids I mean of course! And the heart apples are very cool as well. Nice work ;)

  7. Love the apple pics!
    Have I told you lately that your kids are ADORABLE?!

  8. I know everyone has said this already, but I love the heart apples idea! And your kids are beautiful (btw)!