Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Acorn Afternoon

Since I have found so many fun things to do with acorns on Pinterest, my son Jonah and I went on a walk in our neighborhood to gather some. I want to use them in my apothecary jars. I haven't decided if I am going to use glitter or paint, but the possibilites are endless!

We found tons of acorns! I think we nearly filled an entire gallon ziploc bag, so I am sure there will be plenty for me to play with. I was thinking of glittering the caps or painting them. I may not have to do anything at all because I think they are kind of pretty already.

Now I am off to eat some pie. It is my birthday after all!

p.s. You asked for my Pinterest link, you got it! 

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  1. Great shots. We have TONS here. I will have to follow you on pinterest and get some ideas. :)

  2. Alright I tried to find you on pinterest. What is your link?

  3. Yes, what's your link?
    Mine is:

    I am SO totally addicted to that site :)

    LOVE all of those acorns. Pretty sure I saved the same crafts you did on there for them as well.


    Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  5. They are definitely beautiful as is, although I"m sure it would be fun to paint them too.
    Happy Birthday!!

  6. I never thought of taking photos of acorns. DUH! Great shots, mama!

    I'm new to Pinterest but I am totally addicted to it. I'm following you now. :-) Can't wait to share!

  7. you can have the boys use the acorns to paint, use them the same as you would marbles.

    Happy Birthday. Hope you had a great one.

  8. Happy Birthday. A wonderful haul on the acorns. Whatever you do they will look great. wonderful photos too. Hugs

  9. Oh, PLEEEEEASE come to my home and pick up our acorns. You can have them all!! There's a huge oak tree in my neighbor's yard on the fence line, and those little acorns litter our yard every year. This past summer, our neighbor put up a metal shed in his yard...it's starting to sound like a shooting range out there now that the acorns are falling on the metal roof! :) Those are beautiful pictures. Maybe I'll get inspired by something you do and start collecting those darn acorns this year :)

  10. That's so fun and what a great idea to use them in fall decor! I love the photo of him holding out his handful. I'm going to have to see if I can find some, if not for decor at least they'll be fun to photograph!

  11. Happy birthday! Hope your family spoils you!

  12. Love the acorns. I've been thinking about this for a photo op. Thanks for the inspiration. I'm following your boards on pinterst now too. happy WW!

  13. Well, Happy Birthday! I signed up for Pinterst but haven't gotten my feet wet over there.

  14. Hi. I found your blog on the Scavenger Hunt Sunday blog hop... i love that our blogs have a lot in common - we both enjoy photographing our family, surroundings and mushrooms !!
    Your thistle photo is particularly interesting to me.
    *new follower*
    Jennie. x