Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Soccer Mom

Yesterday was the first day of school and my hubby is out of town, so it was a one woman show! No wonder I forgot to post! Oh well, here it is now.

It's official! I am now a minivan driving soccer mom!

I wanted Jonah to be able to play soccer this year, but unfortunately I did not get him signed up in time! I was so disappointed. So I signed him up on the waiting list, hoping that he would get a spot for the spring season.

I was so excited last week when I got the call that there was an opening for Jonah! So we got his uniform and went out and bought him shin guards and cleats. He was a little nervous about soccer practice (Mom, what if I kick the ball the wrong way?), but after his first practice he decided he loved it!

Of course I took pictures, so here you go!

I thought his coaches were really fun. They got to warm up and stretch out when they got on the field. It was so cute!

Jonah got plenty of practice dribbling the ball around, which he is actually pretty good at!

After just one practice I have to say that I love Jonah's coach. Since the coaches volunteer, you never know what you are going to get. But the coach was great! He made it so much fun for the boys. They played games and had a great time. Doesn't he look like fun?

Here the coach is showing the boys how to guard the ball. Jonah is trying to get it away from him.

It was cloudy the first half of the practice, and then the sun came out! Phew! It was hot. The boys drank a ton of water, so I guess I had better bring more to practice next week.

I have a feeling that soccer season is going to be so much fun!

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  1. Awww, he's so cute! Little kids playing soccer is adorable, they always swarm around the ball :)

    Happy WW

  2. soccer is such a great sport for young kids. both my boys start practice this week too. I'm not just a soccer mom, I'm the coach (o:

  3. How fun! I bet you'll love being a soccer mom, I really do. Our coach is awesome, too.
    Your coach looks like a hottie! ;-)

  4. My second son started yesterday too, first practice. It was SO cute!

    Jonah's coach definitely looks fun and you got some great pics.

  5. oh fun! My uncle was our coach during soccer the two times I played. I hated when he tried to make me goalie. LOL

  6. SO CUTE! I think my son was about the same age when he played. He had a great time!

  7. Lucas did soccer last year and loved it- since we moved we missed the deadlines for this year. Cute pictures

  8. Great photos! I miss those days! Although I wasn't A minivan driving soccer mom, I was a minivan driving softball mom! LOL and loved every moment of it!
    Thanks for linking up your WW,

  9. Gorgeous Pictures!! Would LOVE it if you would link up with my sweet little photo swap going on right now!!