Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Crazy Days in Afton Wyoming

Did you know that in the great state of Utah the 24th of July is a state holiday? It is called Pioneer Day, which is when we pay tribute to Utah's pioneer heritage.

So you are probably expecting pictures of covered wagons, handcarts, or parades, right? Well, since Honey Daddy had Monday off, we took a trip to see my parents in Wyoming. Pioneer Day is not a holiday in Wyoming, but we did find ourselves in Afton for their "Crazy Days".

 It was great fun! They blocked off main street and had street vendors and an antique car show. I ended up buying some dang cute jewelry, and taking some pictures of some really cool cars.

My boys were impressed that this car had "white wall tires" just like Lightening McQueen does at the end of his visit to Radiator Springs in the movie Cars. I am not usually into car shows, but since my boys had just seen Cars 2, they were pretty enthusiastic about the cool cars.

They really liked this "flame job" like Ramone has in Cars. I have no idea what kind of cars these are, and neither do my boys! But hey, we found our own way to enjoy the show!

I fell in love with this awesome-looking, chromed-up Indian. What a cool motorcycle!

My favorite picture of the day turned out to be one that I took on a whim. I like the valve stem on this car, but after I took the shot the shiny hub cap (and my reflection in it) really caught my eye.

Another thing that caught my eye was the woman who was carving a bear into a tree stump using a chainsaw and a little Dremmel tool. How cool is this?

Talk about build-a-bear! I thought they were so beautiful that I went into the gallery to see if I could get one. When I checked the price on one and found that it was $280, I decided that a picture would have to do!

So how was your weekend? Do anything Crazy?!

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  1. I love the idea of Pioneer Day! What fun! In our house, we have some BIG Lightening McQueen fans too....love the Corvette:) Happy WW! And thanks for popping by earlier:)

  2. I'm not into bikes and old cars and such, but I sure love all that chrome. :)

    Strolling down the street stopping and checking out the wares of street vendors is my kind of happy.

  3. What a great festival! I love the wood carvings.

  4. I know that the first car was Corvette. My dad had one back in the day. He now has an Indian motorcycle--an old one (1946) not like the new one pictured. Love cars! Love bikes! What a fun day!

    Thanks for linking up with me! Have a great WW!

  5. Love the build-a-bear! Such beautiful craftsmanship. :)

  6. I love all the cars! My boys would have been thrilled with the references to Cars2 since they just saw it!

  7. looks like fun, and my boy too would have gone crazy seeing all the cool cars

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  9. I was over at WW and I saw your link. I haven't seen you around in AGES! I had to click around to see your baby because I missed her birth. I can't believe she's 4 months already! Where have I been?! How did I miss that?!

    Great photos! Boys and their toys! I'm am learning all about their obsession with wheels with my little Liam. Can you believe he's one now?! Where does the time go????

    Good to see you again, Honey Mommy!

  10. Those flames on that car look real! And what a cool bear carving. I'm sure it's worth that amount for the time and effort put into it but yeah, I would've had to pass too... ;)