Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Beautiful Bryce Canyon

Last week my husband went to an IT conference at Bryce Canyon, so the rest of us decided to tag along. We had so much fun! The boys loved hanging out in the hotel. I think their favorite part of our vacation was watching the Disney Channel (we don't have cable at home) and swimming in the pool.

Silly boys! Don't they know we were at one of the most gorgeous places on earth??!!

I took the boys around with me to see some of the beautiful red rocks. I packed Audrey Jane with my homemade Moby wrap and the boys walked around with me. They were not quite as enthusiastic as I was about the scenery.

It was a little bit easier to go see the rocks in the evening when Honey Daddy was done with his conference. Then I had help dragging the kids along. We decided Bryce Canyon would be a really great place to go hiking... as long as we left the kids at home. I do have to say that the rocks were actually even more lovely in the evenings.

These two photos are from a place called Inspiration Point. Isn't it amazing?

We also saw all sorts of animals. Our favorites were the prairie dogs, but the pronghorns were pretty cool too.

The last day of the conference the boys and I went on the scenic drive. It was nice because I could hop out of the van and take picture without having to drag the kids along.

We actually accomplished something monumental while we were at Bryce Canyon. Using my camera and our tripod, we managed to get the most gorgeous family pictures EVER. I had been planning to take family pictures soon and had already picked up the coordinating clothes. So we decided to give it a shot while we had such gorgeous scenery. Just wait until you see them! Too bad you will have to wait until Photostory Friday. :o) But here is a preview of the picture location:

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  1. What a fantastic vacation! You got some great shots and I'm so glad the boys enjoyed themselves too!

  2. Beautiful! Sounds like a lot of fun. My kids love staying in hotels!

  3. That really is one of the most gorgeous places! How fun!!!

  4. So not fair, I was all excited to see the family pic!
    That is absolutely gorgeous! Going to have to think about getting there for a hike!

  5. what a fun vacation for everyone and a change of scenery is always great. but getting to see that as the scenery.... breath taking!

  6. I just can not believe how gorgeous that is. Amazing!

  7. What a spectacular place- certainly on my list of places I MUST see.

  8. Bryce canyon is stunning. And, it's always fun to see the boys, they just keep growing and growing. Is that legal? :)