Thursday, March 31, 2011

Audrey at Two Weeks

Before Audrey was born I had planned to take all these wonderful photographs of her as a newborn. However now that she is here I find myself in a bit of a fog, and sometimes I completely forget to take any pictures at all!

Wednesday she was two weeks old, and my mom reminded me to take some pictures. I don't claim that these photos are beautifully artistic, as I had originally planned, but all things considered I think they are precious nonetheless.

Just check out these tiny toes!

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  1. so cute. I can't imagine how overwhelming life must feel right now. just know you are loved 3 times as much now

  2. OH! She is just so sweet! Those tiny feet ar precious!

    ps If I can remind you, take a pic each month with a sign saying how old she is. I LOVED doing that with my babies :)