Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bubble Baths Beat Winter Blahs

It is a good thing I let the boys play outside on Saturday because temperatures here have dropped to below freezing. When you look outside it is so deceiving because there is no snow and it is sunny and gorgeous. Then you look at the thermometer and it says the temperature is 13 degrees outside... and it's windy. Brrr!

Needless to say we have been finding other ways to amuse ourselves.

One evening when the boys were a little stir crazy I said, "I know, let's do something fun! How would you guys like a bubble bath?"

To which my four year old replied, "What's a bubble bath?"

Oh my goodness! I realized that I have never given the boys a bubble bath. I didn't even have a bottle of bubble bath in the house! Since our tub is not really big enough for ME to enjoy a bubble bath, it hasn't ever occurred to me to buy bubble bath for the boys!

So the very next day we went to the dollar store and got some bubble bath. Ever since then the boys have been in heaven! They love to play in the tub with the bubbles. Now they stay in the tub until they are all wrinkly and pruny, and the bubbles have started to dissipate.

So now bubble baths are a regular occurrence at the Honey House and I don't mind at all (o.k., maybe I am a little jealous). The boys don't complain about getting in the tub; actually sometimes they complain about getting out! Plus when they get out they are clean and smell like apples. Everybody wins!

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  1. bubble baths are so much fun. and just think they are are warm and cozy on those cold days of yours

  2. No complaints AND apple smelly boys? That IS a win-win!

    Evie HAAAAATES the tub. Bubbles or no, she freaks out everytime the word bath gets mentioned. I need some apple bubble bath so I at least get a yummy smelling cranky kid in the end. :)

  3. Isn't it fun to find something new for your kids to do.

  4. I love me a bubble bath; just be careful. I don't know if this is common or can even happen to boys but I got UTIs from too many bubble baths growing up. I didn't take a bath from like age 6 to 21 when I was pregnant with Moose. :S

  5. That looks like so much fun! What a great idea. Now I want a bubble bath!

  6. How adorable! I tell ya, we (moms) get real creative when we're stuck in the house for days, don't we?

    I love the photo!

  7. Mine already love baths so much I am afraid if I added the bubbles they would NEVER get out of the tub! Lol

  8. GREAT IDEA!!! I had for gotten about bubble baths. Thanks for reminding me! I have a four year old that would just love one.

  9. that is so cute! who doesn't love a bubble bath?