Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Walk in the Desert

This year while we were in Tucson for Christmas we decided to go for a short hike in Sabino Canyon. I know it may seem crazy to go for a hike when you are 6 months pregnant, but it turned out to be just perfect! The weather was gorgeous, and so was the scenery.

It was fun to show the boys how different the plants are in the desert as opposed to the ones at home in northern Utah. The boys loved to look at the saguaros and count how many arms they had and see how tall they were. They also liked to watch for new arm buds growing on the saguaros.

We also got to show the boys several types of cacti up close (this one is a barrel cactus).

Don't worry. We didn't let the boys get TOO close.

When I first moved to Tucson for graduate school, I thought the desert was dry, barren and kind of ugly. After living there for over a year and then going back to visit every year, I find myself enjoying the beauty of the desert... because it IS beautiful in it's own unique way.

We had a great hike. We went uphill and down, on paved trails and over dirt and rocks. We ended up going a little further than I expected, but we were not going too fast since the boys were walking and so was their pregnant mommy.

The boys did great on our hike. They both walked... most of the the time.

Their baby sister on the other hand, definitely got a free ride the entire time!

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  1. Sabino canyon is one of unique places on earth that you just have to experience to appreciate!

  2. looked like a fun way to spend a winter day. glad you got to enjoy the experience with your little guys

  3. I love your family! You always make me smile!

  4. WOW.... how beautiful!!! And I think it's great that you are out there at 6 months pregnant--- you go girl!!

  5. I know what you mean about finding the beauty in the desert. I was the same way when we lived in Vegas and feel that way when we go back.
    You photos as usual are fantastic!

  6. Aww, the boys are such troopers for walking most of the way. =)

    I'd love to see saguaros up close one day!

  7. Wonderful!!!!!!!!!! And wonderful pics too!

  8. That is some beautiful scenery.