Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bunk Bed Boys

As my due date creeps ever closer, we have been making changes at the Honey household to get ready for our new arrival. The baby will be moving into the smallest of our three upstairs bedrooms, which means that it is time for Jonah and Eli to share a room.

So now we have bunk beds!

Actually, we have had the beds ever since Jonah was out of his crib... they were just set up in separate rooms. So recently we put the beds together, which the boys thought was cool. Jonah was pretty excited to get to sleep on the top bunk.

Eli was not as excited about sleeping on the bottom... until we showed him that he could turn his bed into a tent! Now he has a cool bed too!

So far the boys have done really well with sharing a room. I think it helps that Honey Daddy made their room more exciting by painting the blue wall. The boys love it!

We have also moved all the furniture out of the baby's room and are in the process of getting it painted as well. I didn't think I could convince Honey Daddy to paint a pink accent wall, so we went with a nice light green color, which will go great with all the cute pink bedding we have for the crib. It is so much fun to get ready for our little daughter, and she will be here before you know it!

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  1. Just stumbled upon you site via Parenting by Dummies. Are those two twins? I just hate that question...I have twin boys + 1 more myself...and I hate when people ask that. They look just alike for crying out loud!! But it is totally possible that they are just really close in age and genetic make-up.
    My boys have bunks and have always shared a room. They wouldn't have it any other way.
    Good luck with the new arrival. Boy or Girl? I am sooo happy for you if it is PINK (that is if that's what you wanted..(clear throat)) If not BOYS ROCK!!
    Following ya!

  2. OMG I Never realized just how much they look alike! And when I went to camp as a little girl the only reason I wanted the bottom bunk was so I could have a tent.

  3. My little girl reacted the same way when she was given the bottom bunk. She sulked until I turned it into a magic princess cave! lol Congratulations to you and your family on the soon-to-be newest addition!

  4. aawww, your boys are super cute. the bunk beds always scares me but your boys seem to love it! Congrats on your baby girl. You will have to post pictures when she arrives!

  5. very cool. and I bet they will love having the beds to play and sleep on too

  6. Love the bunk beds. The boys are adorable.

  7. oh! My boys are sharing a room now too! I love it.

  8. Good luck changing those sheets. My kids shared a room up until last year and had bunk beds. And while it was a huge space saver, changing the sheets every week (or more if there had been accidents) killed my back. If we add a third (or fourth) child to our family, I won't go back to bunk beds.

  9. I didn't realize you were expecting a girl! How fun! A bit of pink in your blue world. :-)

    The bunk beds are so cute and you can see how excited the boys are about their new beds. I'm surprised the boys didn't want to paint their room Buzz Lightyear green. ;-)

  10. We did the same thing a few months before #3 came along. Bunk beds were fun for us too!

  11. The room looks wonderful!! They look so happy with their beds.