Thursday, December 9, 2010

Buzz and Bear-Bear Hit the Fan

And now a blog post about another bear.  :o)

Eli also has a teddy bear, who is named Bear-Bear. Eli is really more of a blankie boy, and he has names for several of his blankets. But he wants to be like Jonah so badly! So when Jonah plays with Teddy, Eli will get out Bear-Bear and play with him.

When Jonah and Eli play together, I can often count on Jonah to let me know when Eli is doing something he shouldn't. The other day Jonah came running out of his room and told me that Eli was throwing Bear-Bear around and Bear-Bear was stuck. We have been working on NOT throwing toys, so I had a talk with Eli about it. Then I went into his room and saw where Bear-Bear ended up.

Not only was Bear-Bear up on the ceiling, it seems that Buzz flew up to save him and got stuck too!

The sight of these toys up there just made me laugh, so I had to go get my camera and take a picture. That Eli! What a character.

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  1. haha gotta love kids! Cute story!

  2. Gotta give him points for sending Buzz up there to get the bear! =)

  3. that is too funny. I so would have got my camera for that one too. I'm surprised they didn't try turning on the fan to get them down

  4. LOL Poor toys!

    When my sister and I were kids, we would place a bunch of stuffed toys on the blades of our ceiling fan and then turn it on. All the toys would fly off and we would giggle like mad! LOL

  5. Buzz really can fly! I love those moments where you want to be upset cause they aren't following the rules, but what they did was so cute/funny you can't help but laugh and the frustration just disappears!

  6. lol, that is so cute! We've had that happen a time or two... ;)

  7. Buzzlightyear to the rescue!! Too funny and great aim! ;)