Thursday, November 4, 2010

Clothing Confusion

I can't believe how fast my boys are growing! It seems that since that I am anticipating a new baby at the beginning of next year, I am noticing more and more that my boys are definitely not babies anymore!

This became especially apparent when I had to do a clothing swap recently. My baby boy, my little Eli can no longer wear 2T shirts. His little belly was starting to show more and more frequently, especially when he was playing. So I had to go get out the 3T tub of clothes and swap out all of his shirts. It makes me a little sad and nostalgic to think that he will never wear any of these clothes again.

It was also nostalgic to pull out the shirts that I still remember Jonah wearing and putting them in Eli's dresser. Wasn't it just the other day that Jonah was wearing these shirts? This week as I dressed Eli in his "new" clothes I had to do a double-take more than once, not sure which of my boys I was seeing at first!

The only bummer about trading out the clothes is that BOTH my boys wear one size smaller pants than they do shirts. So I traded out all Eli's shirts for 3T's, but he still fits in his 2T pants! Actually since we finished potty training and are done with diapers (hooray!), most of his 2T pants have plenty of room in the waist and rear area. So it will be a while before he is ready for the next size!

Jonah is also about ready to move up in shirt sizes. He still fits in his 4T's, but probably not for too much longer! He is going to be needing 5T shirts and 4T pants. I actually just put away the last of his 3T pants while I had the box out, since they were looking a lot like capris (and boys do NOT wear capris!). Good thing we already have some 4T pants.

These boys are just growing too fast for me!

I guess the good news is that when I get clothes for Jonah I know that they will get used more than once! The benefits of having two boys!

And finally, a random shot of the sunset.Why? First of all because it's my blog and I can do whatever I want. Plus I thought it was an awesome picture so I wanted to share, but I didn't really have anything to say about it.

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  1. My kids are all the same way (even into upper elementary ages) with the bigger shirt size than pant size. I always thought that they must have longer torsos compared to leg length.

  2. I could have written this same post a few weeks ago when I switched out Colby's clothes for 3t shirts and 2t pants. My boys both wear a size bigger shirt than pants. Which is really challenging when other people buy them outfits. I always get separates

  3. They do grow incredibly fast soon you'll be looking them in the eye and feeling the same as you did the day you traded up in 3T shirt size!

  4. Amen to that! I hate how fast my kids go thru clothes (especially Winter clothes).

  5. Could be worse. You could have ONE kid and only get to use the clothes you buy once. Think of the money you save. I do enjoy the one box of baby clothes I kept because you are right, they grow up too quickly!

  6. My son is the exception to the rule. He'll be four on Sunday and he's still in 2T pants and 3T shirts. Yeah. He's tiny. You have some sweet boys.