Thursday, November 11, 2010

Boys Play Dress Up Too!

I used to think that dress up clothes were just for girls. After all, what little girl doesn't have at least one princess dress with shoes, necklaces and a tiara? More likely they have a while bunch of dresses and accessories.

Boys on the other hand, just don't like to dress up, right? WRONG!

Now that I have boys of my own, I have discovered that they LOVE to dress up. The hard part is finding fun dress up clothes for boys. I have to say that I think my boys have some of the coolest dress up clothes around, thanks to their Grandma. I don't know where she found all the fun hats and shirts, but my boys can (and often do) dress up as firemen, cowboys, a mailman, a chef, train engineers, construction workers and policemen.

Often when Jonah's friends come over they will break out the dress up tub and get all dressed up and run around playing fireman or policeman. They have so much fun! Jonah and Eli like to dress up and play together too.

During quiet time in the afternoon (when Mommy gets an hour to herself) while Eli is napping, Jonah will often play dress up by himself. I love how creative they get when they have the opportunity to turn into someone else for a while. Plus they are just so stinking cute!

Here is my little chef and his watermelon pizza.

Here is one of my favorite pictures of Jonah all dressed up. Just don't get on this policeman's bad side. He can be pretty fierce! I wouldn't want him to give me a ticket!

I have been pondering what to get my nephews for Christmas this year and was thinking that maybe I should find some fun dress up clothes for the younger ones too. After all, my boys LOVE them!

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  1. what a dude! love the little chef too - so cute

  2. those are very cute dress up clothes. I don't have much in way of dress up for my boys, guess I should search a bit more

  3. How fun! It really is fun to watch the kids play dress up...sometimes they really get into the part! We usually buy costumes when they're discounted after Halloween and then the kids get to be all kinds of crazy things.

  4. What fun! At least you have some boy dress up for him. My boys have been known to be dressed up as a princess form time to time. LOL!

  5. how fun, I agree boys love to play dress up. Your little one looks adorable. Love the policeman suit but my favorite is the little chef. My oldest grandson was really into dressing up. I started sewing spiderman suits when he was two! I've also made ninja warrior, Jedi Night, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (five different), Indiana Jones, and one so he could be Jared from the Spiderwick Chronicles. I even got him a leather bound journal so he could record his findings in the magical realm. I really loved sewing for him. Sadly he is almost 12 and past the pretending stage.

  6. How fun is that! At look at that attitude! Love it

  7. How adorable! I love that he improvised with the watermelon slice, too.

  8. Great pictures!! My boys still love to dress up. Though now, it usually involves army stuff or Star Wars gear.

    In fact, for my 11 year old's last birthday, I got him an official swat vest. And let me tell you, it won me some serious points on the cool-mom-scale. :)