Thursday, October 21, 2010

Falling for Orange

I am so happy that Fall is finally here!

Our valley is finally blooming with color as the leaves on the trees start to put on their Fall finery. Everywhere you look porches and doorsteps are adorned with pumpkins, ghosts and spiders and my little ones are full of energy and excitement as Halloween approaches.

One sure sign that Fall is here is the arrival of orange. Halloween and orange go hand in hand and it seems the closer we get to Halloween, the more orange seems to appear.

Many bushes near our house are sporting these orange berries. I don't really know what kind they are, but I think they are really bright and beautiful!

The leaves have finally started to change color. It seems most of the ones around here turn yellow or red, but every once in a while you spot a bright orange tree. I LOVE it!

The apothecary jars on my front table are filled with Halloween candy. My favorites? These yummy Palmers peanut butter and chocolate pumpkins! So delicious!

Did you know that part of my front fence and side fence is orange? I like the think that the previous owners didn't realize that the stain was exactly this color. We haven't gotten around to painting it yet... in the past 5 years we've lived here!

Last night I went to a Witch's Brew. It was a super-fun party where all the ladies came dressed as witches with decorated hats. I neglected to take a picture of myself all dressed up, but here is one of my hat. I thought it turned out pretty well, don't you?

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I wanted to participate in You Capture, but was late. So I made it my Photostory Friday too!


  1. My favorite color leaves are the orange ones like that!

  2. Super cute hat! I'm a big orange fan too!

  3. That hat rocks! What a fun idea for a party. And I love those first two shots.

  4. A year has zipped by already? We will be celebrating our second Halloween in Bangkok next week. Time to prepare costumes...

  5. "Falling for Orange" ! How CLEVER! Love this post! Love fall too. The trees over here are stunning. I feel all goose-bumpety in the fall with the beautiful colors!

  6. I feel the same about the orange everywhere. I love it!

  7. I sure am loving all of this orange around the blogosphere!

  8. Wow - great orange. I love that hat :D Sounds like my kinda party!

  9. Love that hat! And I am so enjoying the fall color.