Thursday, September 23, 2010

Potty Training and Project 365 Fail

It seems that potty training and photography don't mix. This week I only managed to take four pictures for seven days, unless I manage to find something interesting to photograph after I get home from work this evening. It seems to be getting harder for me to take a photo every day, so the question is do I keep going, or give up?!

Oops! I totally missed Day 260.

Day 261
September 18: My mom came to visit and we attended the Fallow Field Farm Marketplace in Lindon, UT. They had many different vendors selling everything from quilts, jewelry, sweets, soap and so much more. We had a fun time looking around at all the fun creations.

Day 262
September 19: My son Eli fell off the neighbors trampoline and landed on his head! Luckily he didn't get a concussion or a big goose-egg, just some nasty scrapes. It seems their nine year old daughter was kind enough to help him get on the trampoline and then he got bumped off while jumping with some bigger kids. This is exactly why I don't have a trampoline! The new rule is that Eli can't jump without an adult present!

Day 263
September 20: Saw the most gorgeous sunset today! The sky seemed like it was on fire. I threw my kids in the stroller and walked super-fast to get a picture without houses in it. What a work out, those kids are heavy!

Day 264
September 21: I see London, I see France! I see Eli's underpants! So this picture is from Monday when we started potty training. Diapers and pull-ups are too absorbent and kids KNOW they can potty in them. So we go directly to underwear, with diapers reserved for naps and bedtimes. Sure we have accidents, but my boys seems to get it more quickly this way. Today was Day 4 and we only had 1 accident, so I think it's going pretty well!
 Day 265
September 22: A whole series of thunderstorms rolled through today! We had lightening, thunder, rain, hail, and some really cool-looking clouds.

No picture yet today. Wonder if I will get it done or not?

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  1. great pictures. hope potty training goes smoothly. I think I'm taking on that challenge take 2 here soon... we shall see if I'm ready for it, even if I think he is (o:

    And I think you should keep doing it if you like it, and don't stress of the 365 if you don't enjoy it

  2. See, the trick is, trampoline's with nets. And I biked in that rain storm without you only to get a flat at the overpass (biked by the lake) and I made Mike come get me. Did you think about our ride we'd planned when it was raining and hailing?

  3. Ooh, I potty trained the last of my three kids a few weeks ago, and bless his little two-year-old heart, it only took him 2 days. He must really love his mommy!

    Awesome cloud picture! I love it!!

  4. The sunset took my breath away!
    I agree. ya gotta go straight to undies if you want success in the potty training department!

  5. Oh, don't quit. I have been doing this project since January of 2009 and trust me....we all have times we want to quit.

    Push through and realize that not every shot has to be a master piece. If you miss a few days, bit whoop....just jump back in when you feel motivated.

    Trust me when I say that right now I am having to take my own advice!

  6. I'm loving that beautiful sunset picture....WOW! I'm totally with you on the potty training. Pull-ups, in my opinion, should only be for nights and long-trips.

  7. I just potty trained my daughter. Didnt take her long either but thats cos she hates being wet...musst be a girl thing. Now she insists on no nappies at night...guess who's not getting any sleep? No not my husband. We have a trampoline with nets and it does give u peace of mind. Pls keep going with ur lovely photos! I love coming here and looking at them...unless ur not having fun with it anymore.
    All the best

  8. One accident is a sure sign of success! And I think people don't realize that potty training can and does consume your whole day!

  9. BEAUTIFUL sunset! And as for trampolines. We have a love/hate relationship here with them. We have a big one in the backyard. I love how it's good healthy fun but hate the worry when they jump. uhhh. lol

  10. That sunset is amazing! And yes as much as I want a trampoline I am afraid to get one as iknow someone will get hurt. I hope the potty training keeps going good,