Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pool Days:
A Picture a Day: Week 32

Day 217
August 5: We let our last two butterflies go today. The boys really loved them! I was right about these two being "busy" last week. They laid tons of little mint green eggs. We are going to see if we end up with more caterpillars.

Day 218
August 6: After swimming lessons today the boys and I went out gathered thistles because the infallible internet says that is what our painted lady larvae will eat. It was a hot and prickly job. The bad news is that even though I did my research, I don't think any of them are going to make it. It seems I do best with caterpillars you order online that come in a cup with their own food so I don't have to do anything!

Day 219
August 7: Papa sent Eli a Schwinn roadster trike just like Jonah's. Now I have two little tykes on trikes!

Day 220
August 8: Our garden is starting to show bits of color other than green. There are TONS of red tomatoes out there, including these yummy cherry tomatoes! I guess that means that canning season will soon be upon me!

Day 221

August 9: I often pass by these silos while I am riding my bike. Today I happened to pass them in the van on our way to one of the nearby Walmart stores. The silos are on a farmers field, so I think they are used to store grain, but I could definitely be wrong!

Day 222
August 10: We were slow leaving the pool today after swimming lessons. The empty pool made me think about how lonely the water will be after swimming lessons finish up this week.

Day 223
August 11: Here are the kids kicking it by the side of the pool again. Jonah has absolutely loved swimming lessons this summer! I am glad we signed up for a second session. I am also glad that our last day of lessons is tomorrow and I don't have to go to the pool every. single. day.

Day 224

August 12: My last swimming lesson picture! Can you believe this is the kid that didn't want to put his head under the water at the beginning of the summer? He passed his class and apparently has turned into a little fish!

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  1. Silos like those blue ones are usually used to store silage ~ fermented corn feed ~ which is fed to dairy cows. At least that's what my uncle used them for!!

    Great pictures, again! (as always!!) I LOVE the shot of the butterfly on its little caregiver's forehead!

  2. butterfly on the forehead is cool...
    raising caterpillars? hm... sounds weird to me, but if you guys enjoy it then it must be fun.

  3. You are such a great photographer. Your kids will surely enjoy these pictures as they grow up.

  4. Love the photos. That quiet, lonely pool is so opposite of the pool my daughter does swim team at. :)

    Love that butterfly!

  5. Wondeful photos!

    Do you think you can order the food?

    My tomatoes are lookinbg about the same and I can't wait to start canning either! YIPPEE

  6. The butterfly on his forehead --that was such a sweet shot!! And the pool shots just make me feel like going for a dip. Right now!

  7. great pictures. I'm glad your guys loved the swimming lessons so much.

  8. Oh my word. I LOVE the kids sitting at the edge of the pool. They are so cute and so tiny. I love little kids!

    You are right about the silo! That is what they are used for. See, your are a genius : )

  9. Lovely pictures... I especially liked the first one. So cute. :)

    Marla @

  10. Great pictures and very jealous as to how good of a swimmer that he is now. That butterfly picture is awesome.

  11. I love the butterflies!

    Thistles, isn't that what Eeyore eats? haha

  12. Beautiful pics! That one with the butterfly on the forehead is just an incredible shot!

  13. Love the pictures - all of them. The one with the butterfly is just gorgeous!

  14. Wow..good for him!!!!! So glad he got over his fear of water. He's a natural now!

  15. Congrats on the lil swimmer! I'm hoping that this year with swimming lessons included in his Kindergarden class Charlie will too become a fish. He's got a whiny fear of pools. Until I finally "pull" him in.

    Great shot of the butterfly!