Friday, May 14, 2010

A Photo A Day: Week 19

Day 127
May 7: The abandoned sandbox. This is how my sandbox looks after the boys have run off to do something else for a while. I especially like the shovel in the top right corner.

Day 128
May 8: My irises are starting to bloom! Hooray!

Day 129
May 9: Mother's Day was a nice, quiet day at home with the cutest boys a mommy could ever have! I love being a Mommy and this picture shows the two reasons I love it!

Day 130
May 10: Wow! We actually went out to eat with friends! The food was decent and we had a great time talking. It was a soggy day and we actually saw a rainbow on our way there... but alas, none of the pictures turned out very well.

Day 131
May 11: Monumental Day! My four year old actually took a nap this afternoon! When I went to look for him after lunch, this is where I found him. So cute, huh? I hurried and put his little brother down too, so I had over an hour to myself with the wonderful sound of silence!

Day 132
May 12: Playgroup/preschool was at our house today, so of course we had a birthday party for Jonah. The theme was Buzz Lightyear/ Toy Story. We played musical chairs, pin the space ranger badge on Buzz, and Save the Galaxy. It was tons of fun! Here is the star of the party (wearing his space ranger glasses).

Day 132 was Jonah's actual birthday. I was SO busy that I didn't have time to write this post and I have TONS of pictures to choose from. So you'll get that picture next week!

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  1. Love those glasses, I want one too :-)
    The sandbox picture is pretty too.. Now waiting for the b'day pics.

  2. great pictures... want to share how you got him to take a nap? I haven't been able to convince Blake to do that for almost a year now!

  3. This photo of the budding iris is amazing. That's a beauty. And your boys are just too cute. :-) Can't wait to see the birthday party pics!

  4. what a nice week you had--happy mother's day.

  5. great week. Love the iris shot. fabulous DOF!

  6. kids, surely are, the best reason for us to be happy (and proud) for being a mom.

  7. What a sweet week! yay for Birthdays and naps and mother's day too! Your boys are so cute!

  8. Those are a couple of good looking guys you've got there!

    An entire hour to yourself? I'd probably waste it sleeping :)

  9. Oh, and I love that shovel in the first shot too -- who stops in mid-dig?

    Just boys :)

  10. Such handsome boys all dressed up! Love the tulips in the background too. Adorable. Hope Jonah had a great b'day!

  11. handsome boys you have! I love the picture of the irises!!

  12. THe picture of the two of them is precious! THeir smiles are so stinkin cute!

  13. The shovel is poised and ready for the next scoop!
    Your little men are so handsome!

  14. I love how the sandbox looks after they've run off!

  15. Such a wonderful series of captures. I miss coming around your blog, sorry. The boys are getting so big! :) BTW, trying to catch you on FB, are you set up?

  16. Your boys are adorable!!

    My son went through a phase of not wanting to nap when he was 4.. now he's back to napping every afternoon for about an hour, if he doesn't have any afternoon activity that day.