Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Photo A Day: Week 14

What a group of completely mediocre pictures! I blame it completely on the weather we have been having. It is just not right to repeatedly have snow in April!

Day 92
April 2: Dyeing Easter Eggs is quite the experience when you are trying to help two boys AND take pictures at the same time. I finally gave up and just enjoyed doing it with them.

Day 93
April 3: It was a busy day! We had our Easter egg hunt and made and delivered these Easter basket cupcakes. Aren't they cute?

Day 94

April 4: Seriously... SNOW on Easter Sunday. What is up with that? I also can't believe that this is one of my better pictures from this day... what is up with that?!

Day 95
April 5: I call this picture "Blossoms Popping-- Silly Apricot Tree!". Why is my apricot tree blooming? Hasn't it been out in the kind of weather we are having? Frost will probably kill all our apricots again this year... *sigh*

Day 96
April 6: I call this one "Told You So- Silly Apricot Tree!". My poor flowers! All stiff and cold because it snowed... again.

Day 97
April 7: Today the clouds finally blew away! I think Mount Timpanogos looks especially lovely all white against the blue sky. (Hooray! Blue sky!)

Day 98
April 8: This is the only picture this week that I am in love with. For weeks Eli has been making this face whenever he gets in trouble or doesn't get his way. This morning after he got in trouble for coloring on the walls with crayon, I finally caught it!

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  1. Those pictures are beautiful.

    Have a happy Friday!!

  2. OMGOSH! That picture of your son literally had me saying "awwwww' outloud. What a sweet face!

    Your poor trees and flowers!

  3. I'm in complete agreement about the weather, but not about your mediocrity -- your eye is too good to produce mediocre images. Especially that last one -- what a face!

  4. I just can't get over the spring...then winter..then spring...then winter. sigh.......crazy stuff.

    fun set this week.

  5. LOVE the Eli face. Talk about expressive!

    The snow this week really wore on me just seems rude to give us a taste of spring and then throw winter back in our faces! Here's to better weather (hopefully) next week!

  6. I love the beautiful spring blossom and that last one is so cute. poor little guy. mine like to color "outside the lines" as well. :)

  7. Amazing shots, so well presented.

  8. working on the ... I'm so cute how can you be made at me face. got to love it! how did you get the "stripes" on your eggs... they came out cool. I didn't even try to take pictures while coloring ours this year

  9. Love the photo of your son! Every kid must colour on the wall once in their young lives! I wonder why that is. :)

  10. I love capturing kids' sad faces. What a cutie he is!

  11. Eli--too cute :)

    Iz's class made those same cupcake easter baskets.

  12. Mediocre?? U're hunting for some compliments right?? :-)
    They're beautiful! BTW did u make those cupcakes?? They're the cutest cupcakes ever!

  13. That pouty face is awesome! HA! And also looks VERy familiar!

    Yay for blue sky!! :D

  14. We made the same cupcakes :) They are cute. And you are right.. sometimes as much as you want to document the moment it is easier and really more fun to just sit back and enjoy it.

    The sky looks awesome in the Mt. Timp picture

  15. I thought your blossom picture was beautiful, very clear and the color was great. You probably feel mediocre because of your stinks to get snow in spring.

  16. I love the shot of the apricot tree!

  17. I love your pictures!!! Those eggs rock!! Rubber bands??

    You have an apricot tree?? How nice! Well you know, when you get some, lol!

    LOVE the pouty face!! Magic eraser for the crayons. HE CAN DO IT HIMSELF!! Make 'em clean it and they won't do it again, lol!!!!

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  18. I LOVE pouty face. And that you just accept your easter egg picture (which is lovely) and enjoyed dyeing instead of waiting for the "perfect" picture... That's important too (and I have to remind myself since I like PERFECT ;)

  19. cool eggs
    cool snow
    cool bloom

    cool baby :)

  20. oh that is so wrong...snow in April just shouldn't happen!!

    I love that last pic - he looks so much like my baby boy when he is in trouble!!! Love it!!

  21. LOVE the pouty face picture! What a cutie.

  22. The eggs are cool!

    The blossom is beautiful...even if it is a little early!

    I love that white mountain against the clear blue sky!

    Cute little boy....that is a face that will wrap you right around his little finger!

  23. That is a pretty sad face!
    "Popcorn popping on the apricot tree"

  24. Oh, those dyed eggs looked really good! We skipped dyeing eggs this year and bought them Nestle Crunch mini-eggs instead. :)