Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Photo A Day: Week 13

Day 85
March 26: We headed south and spent most of the day in the van on our way to ride in the Tour de St. George. The boys did pretty well on the drive and amused themselves by watching the scenery and looking at books. I amused myself by taking way too many pictures of Buzz Lightyear cavorting around the van.
Day 86
March 27: I spent the day riding my bike 70 miles in the Tour de St. George. So of course I didn't take any pictures of my husband or myself riding our bikes. But here is a picture of my Honey after he rode 107 miles. I love his great smile... and his helmet hair. :o)

Day 87
March 28: Here are my boys in Grandpa's airplane just before my parents flew home from St. George. The boys loved holding onto the yoke and Eli was a little too interested in all the buttons and dials. Maybe there will be another pilot in the family in the future.

Day 88
March 29: Came home to find my daffodils in bloom! I love these happy little flowers. Maybe I brought some warm weather home with me from St. George after all!

Day 89
March 30: I love the storybook stained glass windows at the Orem Public Library where I work. They look especially beautiful in the early evening when the sun is setting. Do you see any fairytales you recognize in there?

Day 90
March 31: It was pouring buckets outside, so of course Jonah and I decided to take a short walk. Isn't he just the cutest thing with his rain jacket and umbrella?

Day 90
April 1: What a trick Mother Nature played on us today! Just when you thought it was Spring... April Fools!

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  1. Mother Nature is rude. That was NOT a funny joke this morning and it's been FREEEEEEZING!!

    Love love the raincoat and umbrella shot. The look on his face is adorable!

  2. You didn't bring enough of the warm weather home with you :)

    That shot with the umbrella is adorable!

    Buzz was really cavorting in the van?

  3. His smile, in the rainy day picture is just so so cute!!

    And good for you! Very impressed that you rode for 70 miles!

    I like the buzz lightyear pic :)

  4. He looks so cute in his yellow jacket holding his umbrella.....the picture makes me think of the Morton Salt girl. He could be the Morton Salt boy!

  5. I love when my husband takes his helmet off. It's like the worst helmet hair. EVER.

    Wow, I miss St. George!

  6. Ugh....stupid weather! we didn't get snow here...just rain. We're supposed to have temps in the 80s for Easter Sunday so that should be awesome! Hope it warms up for you too!

    That last photo was really was Buzz Lightyear. I can't let my son see that photo because he's always pouting that he doesn't have the buzz with the wings!

  7. I love the shots of the daffodils!

  8. great pictures. I love the umbrella pic the best

  9. Those daffodils are lovely....even covered in snow!

    I love those windows!! What a beautiful library you work in.

  10. Snow is so NOT cool right now!!!

    Of course neither is rain (at least not here!!)

    Now...if you have many Buzz pictures, I must request (for my boys of course) that you dedicate a post to him (again for my boys) because I am sure they are enjoyable ( my boys :)

  11. I liked your introduction.... 'boy producing'
    I have also produced a boy ! ;)
    ha ha...

    And I am right now in last phase of my 45 day solo backpacking to 2 countries.

    I love the shot with umbrella.


  12. The stained glass shot is amazing! What a cool addition to the library.
    You got some really great shots.... the flowers are beautiful with and without the snow! :)