Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Photo A Day: Week 11

There is a story (and an entire post) about Day 70.

Day 71
March 12: This forklift has been parked down the street from our house FOREVER. So one day when I drove by I decided I should stop and take a picture. So here is the forklift from it's own rear view mirror.
Day 72

March 13: If you have boys, you will have tons of cars.

Day 73
March 14: Why is it that kids love to play with the box almost as much as they like to play with the toy that came in the box? See Jonah smiling in there?

Day 74
March 15: It was a bit of a crummy day, due to misunderstandings and mishaps. Then we had family night and went on a walk while the boys rode their bikes. We had a good time together and saved the day.

Day 75
March 16: Today I came up with a genius plan. It was a nice day, but I needed to do some ironing. But who says I have to iron inside? So I set up my laundry operation out on the back porch. It was lovely.

Day 76
March 17: Happy St. Patrick's Day! I actually remembered to dress us all in clothes that contained the color green. It has been pretty nice this week, so the boys have been playing outside a lot. Today I caught them trying to give each other rides in the wheelbarrow. Neither one could lift the other one up enough to get the wheelbarrow moving... so they just ended up dumping each other out. It was hilarious!

Day 77
March 18: Don't you just love the doctor's office? Neither do my kids. Luckily Eli's 2 year old well visit went pretty well. He only cried for a minute when he got his shot. Now we just get to deal with the post-shot grumpies for the rest of the night.

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  1. I love reflective shots, the tractor pic is awesome! Great thinking, laundry outdoors. Too bad I rarely iron!

  2. I will have my first boy soon... I am looking forward to the cars! :)

  3. That forklift shot is awesome! Great composition!

    Ironing outside? Hmmm...I actually LIKE to iron -- I find it cathartic.

  4. that first shot....genius! love it.

    oh and I almost missed your son in the box. that is too funny!

  5. LOVING the forklift through the mirror. Very cool!

    Too funny with the box! (wait until you see my 365 pics this week!)

    Great idea to do the ironing outside. LOVE that!

  6. I like the tractor pic too. you are so creative. and have a great eye!!! xoxo LA

  7. wow you pictures are getting amazing. Not that they weren't before, but the reflective ones are awesome!

  8. great pictures. I recognize a lot of those cars and the picture of the two boys with the wheelbarrow seems like something I'd see here

  9. I love all those cars....I always wanted matchbox cars when i was a kid, but never got them.

    That first one is genius!

  10. The forklift shot is a little piece of brilliance. I LOVE IT!!!!

  11. So many great shots! I love the rear view mirror shot of the forklift and the one of your son and the box is awesome! It looked like he was in the box!

    Ironing outside? What a great way to turn a miserable chore into a better one!

  12. I can't tell you how much I love these cool photos and glimpses into your life. So smart to do the ironing outside to enjoy the day and that picture of the tractor is so cool.

  13. Great pictures! I do like that forklift picture.

    And the wheel barrow thing, something my kids would totally do

  14. Creative forklift shot! Bit I LOE the photo of your boys and the wheel barrow. :)

  15. Hey there!! How are you??

    I love your photos.. the kid in the box rocks. We totally have that same racing car set!! :)

  16. I love that you ironed outside :)

  17. Lots of cars...that's an understatement....but I've been to other homes that have WAY more than we do, so I feel somewhat better! ;-)

    Ironing on the back porch - genius!

  18. I love the perspective on the forklift. and your son in the box hilarious!

  19. Love the shot of the forklift and the cars. Very unique shots of every day things. So neat!