Friday, January 29, 2010

Our Life in Pictures: Week 4

Day 22
January 22: It started to snow heavily around 10 p.m. and I told Honey Daddy that it looked really cool outside. He told me to go out and take a picture. I have never really tried to take pictures at night since getting my Canon XSi... apparently I should do it more often because I LOVE this photo! Can you believe this picture was taken at about 10:50 p.m.?!?!

Day 23

January 23: Our snowy night made for a cold, frosty morning! There was plenty of snow to shovel off the driveway and for the boys to play in.

Day 24
January 25: Went on a Sunday drive and took this nice picture of the sunset over Utah Lake.

Day 25
January 25: This is what happens when you ask Jonah to "make a silly face". It cracks me up!

Day 26
January 26: Lots more snow overnight. Though I don't love it, my boys do and it is fun to watch them play in the snow. Besides, they are so cute bundled up, right?

Day 27
January 27: The boys and I were having a challenging evening. I was trying to finish a cleaning project and cook dinner... and all Eli wanted was me. So there was quite a bit of clinging and whining. When I did get him to play with Jonah, there was a lot of screaming. It seems to be a new phase that drives me crazy! Did I mention that Honey Daddy got home late?

So Mommy had to take a time out after dinner. Later as I looked in on Eli asleep, I couldn't help but think how adorable he is. Trouble or not, I love this little guy.

Day 28
January 28: How can you not be happy each morning when this is the face that you wake up to?

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  1. Great pictures!! I love the night time picture. I agree, you should do it more often. And the scene across Utah Lake is also beautiful. It's true no matter how much craziness and frustration they cause when they are awake it all seems to fade away when you catch them sleeping. So cute!

  2. Your night picture is awesome!! I was trying to take pictures during the night a few days ago, and my camera would not even take the picture. Ugh. (The one with the moon was taken at dusk, so I lucked out.) Your boys are SO cute!!! And I understand needing a timeout for myself too. It is tough when they get clingy and all you want to do is finish up what you're doing quickly. Oy.

  3. The night pic is AWESOME!!!

    I rarely remember to try night shooting and obviously I should!

    LOVE your pic of Utah Lake. The colors are beautiful!

  4. Those are some great pictures. We are having some serious snow right now too. I should take pictures.

  5. great pictures. I love that sleeping one. I've had many nights like that with my two guys and going in after they are sleeping and saying... it's ok I love you and tomorrow will be better always seems to help make life feel smoother

  6. Those pictures are beautiful. I really love nature shots... and the children are adorable.

  7. Wow! That day 22 picture is very cool. Did you do a really long exposure?

  8. Beautiful shots!! Love your nature shots, they are amazing!

    And the one with your boys playing in the snow is so so cute.

  9. WOW! What a week you've had, photographically!

    That first shot is so cool -- night shots are hard to pull off, but you certainly have the touch.

    Great job!

  10. Loved all the pictures!
    We also had some snow yesterday and your pictures made me get how of the house at 10 o'clock in the night to take some myself too.

  11. Beautiful snow pictures. I love seeing a glimpse of each day!

  12. Beautiful pictures....That one you took at night is incredible!!

    I love the funny daughter's absolute favorite thing is when I ask her to make a funny face for a picture. She can't believe that I am so silly.

  13. Wow! You had some great shots in your week! That first one is so incredible! I just recently purchased the same camera, would you mind sharing how you did the shot?
    I also love the shot of Utah lake, beautiful with the little touch of pink in the sky. And your boys are absolutely adorable! I love the one of him sleeping, he is so precious! And their snow gear is fun!
    If you'd like to stop by my 365 I'm at Cake Crumbs.

  14. Love the hats on those snowy kids!

    If you need some mom inspiration and encouragement, come on over and visit.

    Happy weekend!

  15. Very nice night photo! I'll have to see what my Xs1 can do. ;-)

  16. Those pictures came out awesome!! My favorite is the first one. Wow!

  17. Ooh, I like the snow pictures, it looks beautiful! We got a similar amount, which (unlike you) is unusual for DC!

  18. Great photos!!! I LOVE their adorable hats!!!!!

  19. spectacular scenery and the little guys are cute too.

  20. I really like your pictures, especially the sunset?