Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Bathroom Ban

It seems we are on a roll at the Honey House. I just hope that we stop rolling before we all get dizzy and fall off!

It all started with toilet trouble. All of the sudden our potty was not flushing like it should. The bowl would fill with water just to the point where you thought it would overflow- and then the water level would s-l-o-w-l-y sink back down.

Needless to say, not everything was going down like it should either... ah-hem. We plungered and plungered... all to no avail. We were starting to get suspicious that the potty may have ingested something it shouldn't have.

So finally Honey Daddy had no other recourse but to take the toilet apart to see what ailed it. Unfortunately in the course of dissasembling the potty, the porcelain cracked. Drat! So then we got to go out and buy a new potty (which flushes like a dream!) and Honey Daddy got the pleasure of installing it in our bathroom.

In case you were wondering, we did find a toy wedged in the potty. We are pretty certain Eli put it in there and flushed it down.

Then one day later I was on the back porch cutting Honey Daddy's hair. Jonah walks up to us and says, "Daddy, look what I found buried in the sandbox!" It was Daddy's contact lens case, covered with sand... inside and out. Boy, was a certain little boy in trouble!

Needless to say, now the bathroom door stays shut, and little Eli's bathroom privileges have been revoked... for now. Good thing he's still in diapers, huh?

It's also a good thing that these two trouble makers are so stinking cute!

(p.s. Didn't Grandma send the boys the best pajamas ever?)


  1. you never know what "fun" you'll encounter with little ones in the house. Hope he gets his potty privileges back before potty training time

  2. oh goodness look at their cute lil outfits!!! how sweet are they?

  3. Hehe! I'm so glad my kids are past the toilet/garbage fascination. I've lost so many important household items between all five of the kids.

  4. Wow, they are adorable!! I have had to ban my 2 year old from the bathroom, too. He finds it amusing to stuff toys down the toilet. I don't. The plumber, however, must adore him.

  5. They ARE too stinkin cute! My son is going to be Buzz this year for Halloween, too! Just found your blog from Powell Power and it's awesome! Would love to be a new follower if you follow as well!

  6. Oh my! They would get away w/ everything with me! The cutest Woody & Buzz I've seen!

  7. OMGoodness! What kids can get into when you turn your back! GEEZ! LOL

  8. Those boys sure do keep you guys hopping over there:-)

  9. Those are the cutest pj's I've ever seen!
    I am so sorry that you had so many potty problems. We have just barely gotten to the point where the bathroom door isn't sut all the time. I keep closing it out of habbit though!
    Oh and on my blog, the crossing guard really wasn't too far away. It was really chilly this morning so she was just sitting in her heated car.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  10. Little boys can be such trouble makers - but when you're cute you can get away with almost anything! I LOVE those pajamas!

  11. Contact lens in the sand????? Oh no!!! And if our toilet is ever in bad shape, we have to call the plumber. We have no "take apart" skills at all. ;)