Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Scoop on Pumpkin Carving

Better in Bulk is having an Eat, Drink, and Be Scary Carnival today that I wanted to participate in, along with my regularly scheduled Photostory Friday. But to be honest, I have been so busy with Halloween preparations, that I haven't had time to cook much of anything. So instead I will give you the scoop on pumpkins at the Honey House.

This year Jonah is absolutely dying to carve a pumpkin. I don't think he really knows about all the goop and yuck that is inside, know what I mean?

While I was in college I got into carving pumpkins with a pattern. That way you end up with an awesome, elaborate pumpkin. The only thing is... carving a pumpkin like that is very time consuming! It's all well and good when you are single, but adding kids into the mix makes doing this kind of craft much more difficult... especially when you have more than one!

It seems like I had the time to do crafts like this when I only had Jonah. Here is a picture of Jonah's first Halloween (three years ago!). Can you believe that I carved both of those fake pumpkins next to him (I still have the "trick or treat one")... pretty cool, huh?

I even had the time to make his Halloween costume... without a pattern! I thought he was the cutest gingerbread boy ever. What do you think?

This year I did not make either of my boys' costumes. Instead I made the mistake of making mine and Honey Daddy's. I am still working on it... and sure hope I finish in time!

Tonight we will most likely be spending time in the kitchen carving pumpkins... but not elaborate ones. Just pumpkins with a face, most likely. Though the creative mommy in me still wants to make an elaborate pumpkin, the tired mommy in me wants to get it done as quickly as possible.

Maybe we can compromise?

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  1. The pumpkins look great, and that gingerbread boy....OMG so cute!!

  2. Great carving skills and what a lovely gingerbread boy! I wish I had time for hobbies. Right now, my only hobby is running after a very active 2.5 year old. She wears me out, I'm sure you can relate!

    Have a great day!

  3. oh look at that little gingerbread. how sweet - good job!

  4. Oh my gosh! That is the cutest little costume in America : ) LOVE it!

  5. lol, wow, I never thought to carve a fake pumpkin! that's cool!! And what a darling costume, I've never seen a gingy before! You are so creative.

    Have fun carving tonight, we will be doing the same. :)

  6. Holy Pumpkins Batman!
    Is there anything you can't do? Making your costumes, carving beautiful pumpkins...and that's just for Halloween! You are a superhero.
    I have always found pumpkin carving to be a big pain. But I do it so I can roast the seeds that is good.

  7. You did such a great job on that little gingerbread boy. Can so relate to not having energy left, that's usually where I'm at.

  8. To tell you the truth, I think that is the cutest baby costume I have ever seen! OmW!

    You are too talented and creative to be my freind.. but thanks for sticking with me! lol

    We have 9 pumkins to carve today.. ugh I just cry thinkin' bout' it!

  9. That gingerbread costume is adorable! So what are you making for you and hubby??

  10. You shouldn't have told me that those were fake pumpkins! You totally had me believing that you were a Halloween goddess!


  11. Those pumpkins are amazing...but the thing I'm swooning over is your little gingerbread man! Adorable!

  12. kids certainly do change the picture. We carved pumpkins last night and heck I just let them go to it. It's fun to see what they can do and how they get more creative and skilled as time goes on. Good luck with the costumes. If you want to wander down my road I’m home.

  13. Love the Gingerbread boy! So sweet.

  14. Oh my gosh!! I want want want that pattern!! How cute is that little gingerbread man?!

  15. Mayhem and Moxie-

    I really AM a Halloween goddess! Those may be fake pumkins, but I totally had to carve the designs on them myself!

  16. That is one delicious lookin' little cookie! Incredible pumpkin carving! Wow!

  17. The tired mommy in me is impressed too!!

    wow those fake pumpkins rock and you really made the gingerbread costume w/out a pattern??

    I made a rule a few years ago.. The dad carves the pumpkins... it's a total man job.. if he's not home or able to.. we use paint. The end. :)

  18. We are all about the simple pumpkin.... too lazy to do the cool ones!
    Cool gingerbread baby! (have you read that book by Jan Brette? my kids LOVE it!)
    I sometimes whip up a costume..... made one this year on short notice, maybe that will be this coming PSF.