Saturday, August 15, 2009

Laughing Gas Does NOT Make the Dentist's Office More Funny

I have a confession to make... prior to this week, I hadn't been to the dentist in about 6 1/2 years. I know you are probably appalled, and I can't say I have a really good excuse. Sure, I have some excuses like:

(a) I just hadn't found a dentist for us to go to when we moved here (yes, that was over 6 years ago).

(b) The only time we went to the dentist growing up was when something was wrong. I've never been in the habit of having regular check-ups.

(c)The dentist's office is home of many yucky sounds, needles, and pain. I don't enjoy any of those things.

I can't even say that we didn't have dental insurance because we do (and we have for a couple of years)! Well, this week I finally had no choice but to go to the dentist. On Sunday after I finished breakfast, I noticed that a little chunk of my premolar seemed to be gone. No big deal, I told myself. One of my composite fillings probably just fell out because it doesn't really hurt and the tooth looks fine besides the little hole.

So I finally asked around and found a dentist that a couple of my friends recommended. I was able to get an appointment for Friday and went to see the dentist. (cue scary music)

Ok... the dentist wasn't scary, but the X-ray sure was. Apparently the little hole in my tooth was the tip of the iceberg. The dentist said he might have to do a root canal, but he'd try to avoid it if at all possible. I've never had a root canal, but I know I don't want one.

Then I had some laughing gas (which my friend recommended) and then some numbing shots, all the while hoping for a cavity that could just be filled. Before long I felt all fat-lipped and they started the drilling. I swear, why do dental drills have to sound so awful? I should invent a silent dental drill because then I would be filthy rich.

I have to say that I like my new dentist, but I didn't like the news. I have to have my very first root canal and crown. The doctor was really surprised that I hadn't been in pain because apparently I should have been. The decay was all the way down to the pulp (doesn't that sound gross?).

So they prepped me for the root canal and put me on antibiotics. In about a week I have to go back and have the procedure. I put my appointment back a few days because I thought that having a root canal the day before I ride 100 miles on my bicycle is probably not a good idea.

So now I am shaking in my shoes. On the bright side, apparently I don't feel pain in my mouth as much as most people (which apparently can be a bad thing too). So hopefully it won't be too painful. I guess it is also good that I have insurance because the estimate of how much it will cost with my insurance almost knocked me over!

I shall probably be seeing more of the dentist in the near future. After fixing this tooth I guess I'd better get the rest checked out. I guess one good thing that has come of this is that I am definitely going to be more diligent with my kids (the oldest is 3) so they don't ever have to go through this!


  1. I held my breath as I read through this post. Dentsits and I do not get along. I would rather gve birth again then sit in that chair!
    Best of luck to you:)

    On a different note, thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I love discovering new reads!!

  2. Oh, poor Honey!
    I haven't been to the dentist in six years either. I am dreading it so much. My husband hasn't been in awhile either, so we're getting dental insurance this year and going in to get the whole family fixed up.
    We haven't taken the girls to the dentist yet, but have been meaning to for some time now. Doesn't that count for something??? :)

  3. Good luck on going to the dentist and enjoy your bike ride!

    I am so not a dentist fan, but stay brave so the kids will still go! :)

  4. I say that you have totally learned your lesson right?

  5. I had a root canal right before I left in Japan, and despite whatever I had in my mind about a root canal, it was honestly not at all bad. Really. I blogged a little bit about it if you do a search and want to hear how not bad it was. I hope yours goes just as smoothly!

  6. I do not get along with dentists either. Scared of them, hate them and really avoid them at all costs. Except I have terrible teeth and need to see them quite often.