Monday, February 16, 2009

When the Recession Hits Home

It's been a bit of a rough weekend at the Honey House. On Thursday morning my supervisor called to tell me that due to the budget crisis in higher education and the current economic climate, as of April 30th I will no longer have a job. My perfect, part-time (two evenings a week), decent-paying job as a librarian will be gone.

I am being laid off.

For some reason it still stings a little. I guess I was hoping that they valued my contributions enough to keep me and that the recession would not hit quite this close to home.

We are very grateful that it was me and not my husband that is losing a job. We are thankful that we still have two months to figure out what we are going to do to make this work. I have time to see if there is some other way I can earn some money to help my family.

Can I just tell you that I am a little bit scared? Right now I don't know how we are going to adjust our budget so that our income will meet our expenses. We are working on it... trying to figure out what can get cut and where we can spend less. We have even discussed refinancing our mortgage. This kind of decision-making is hard, especially when you feel like there wasn't much excess in the first place.

I am also starting to look into other job options, and I am hoping this is where you guys (my blogging buddies!) can help me out. I would like to find a way to do some work from home... during the afternoon while the boys are napping... in the evenings when my husband is home or the boys are in bed.

I need your help and advice. After doing some searching this weekend I am feeling a little overwhelmed. Do any of you work from home or know someone who does? What kind of work is it? How well does it pay?

I am not really looking to get into selling via parties (MaryKay, Pampered Chef, etc.) because I know that type of job is not for me. There seem to be a lot of scams out there and I am definitely not interested in any get-rich-quick schemes. What I want is legitimate work. The kind where you put in the hours and you get paid for them. Any ideas?

I am fairly well-educated. I have a Master's degree in Library Science, so I am pretty good at doing research and working on a computer. I should be able to find something, right?

So help me out here. What do you do to try to earn a little extra money? What kind of work from home have you done? Did you like it, or was it awful? How have you been cutting costs at your house?


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear this! I completely understand how scary it can be. But it also presents an opportunity to pursue something different ~ maybe even to push you out of your comfort zone and challenge you!

    You ARE well educated and if research is your thing (I'm a total geek for research!!), I'm going to pray you find something in that area.

    My understanding is that there are companies who pay good money for that sort of thing, but I haven't found anything like it either. I'll definitely be watching the comments here!

  2. I am so sorry that you are going to lose your job. It stinks!

    I wish I could be more helpful in finding a work at home opportunity, but I have none! Good Luck!

  3. Oh no. I am so sorry. I know you will find something. I'll be thinking for you!

  4. that is hard. I don't have an answer as to where to look for a job for you. I know it is hard to cut back after already cutting back... I hope you find the right thing for you and your family

  5. You may want to look into doing proofreading. I have a friend that does this for people and gets paid at home. Not sure the details on it...

  6. I am sorry about the news. It's always hard making a transition like that and I wish you all the best. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you look for something new. Good Luck!

  7. My family is going through this as well right now. My brother was just laid off from his construction job for a month and my dad is loosing his job in April.

    I don't have any really good suggestions as for looking for another part time job, but seeing that you have a masters you should be able to find something easier than someone with no training at all.

    But you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I know how hard this economic crisis is hitting so many of us.

  8. I am so sorry to hear this - the budget cutting is tough. My husband's company has asked them all to take a week off in March and April unpaid to help prevent layoffs. But we feel in time his job may be cut completely. This is a hard time, but I hope you can find something that will work for you and your family!!

    There is a blog about work at home jobs - she has tons of great posts about working from home and lists legit opportunities daily. Check her out here

  9. I am sorry this happened. You are right, thankfully it was you and not your husband. I too have been looking for work and unlike you have no higher education. I have seen a few adds for part-time work. Of course they are in retail or small food chains. If you are unable to find something that uses your present skills, step out and learn something new. I know for myself, re-entering the work force after 2 yeaers I'll be taking anything I can get. It's always an adventure and a learning experience.
    Good luck to you, I'll know all will work out. Just have faith, do your part and things will fall into place.

  10. I'm sorry. I'm a bit worried about my own part time gig right now. I'm an engineer and I do consulting so I'm not sure I'm much help.

    I do remember a old co-worker used to tutor high kids and made a lot more money than I expected. Maybe you could look into any tutoring companies in your area?

    I'm sure you can find something in the research area too.

  11. Honey I am sorry to hear it. I know how scary it is. Years ago my husband was laid off and didn't find work for a year. We lived on severance and unemployment, and then on savings. Our church and friends were very supportive as well.

    You've heard of a pricebook, right? That is the one thing that helped us save money right from the start. Look on my sidebard under labels if you don't know what one is.

    You can do this. You will need to make some adjustments and decid what is a need and what is a luxury, but it's doable.

    I worked from home calling people on the phone scheduling appointments. The company gave me a computer and I called in the afternoons and evenings.

    This wasn't cold-calling. These were previous customers for the company. It was hard with two kids who were 3 and 7 and active though.

    After that I tried watching a neighbor's kids before and after school. That worked much better. I also babysit my niece's kids for awhile.

    It's great that you have so much time to prepare for this! Let us know what you come up with.

  12. I hate to hear this, mama. Maybe there is some sort of virtual assistant type agency in your area?!?!

  13. I am so sorry to hear this! I will keep you and your family in my prayers and hope something good comes your way.

  14. How about medical transcript? You can do that from home. Maybe worth looking into.

    Best of luck!

  15. I hope you are able to find something that fits. I have tossed around the idea of going back to work as well to help with bills but I haven't had a job in 10 years!! And I only had a few semesters of community college before I quit to join the Army. I would have to go back to school...which costs money...and the whole idea is to bring in more money...
    I'm rooting for you!

  16. You can always be a nanny ;)

    I'm really sorry about losing your job. I've been in that situation and it totally sucks. Like having the rug ripped out from under you.

    Hoping you recover from the blow and are able to find something else quickly!

  17. Ohh my goodness, I am sorry that happened.
    I am sure that there is something that you will be able to find. I am not in your area so I can't really be of any help.
    I think that idea above to look into proof reading is a great idea!

  18. That is too bad that you lost your job. I hope you find something and soon.

  19. I'm sorry to hear about this. The good thing is they gave you time to make adjustments. I am sure that there is something out there for you and when you find it, let me know! Ive been searching for something legitimate from home for years! Good luck and I'll pray for you and yours.

  20. I feel for you. How scary.
    The only thing I can think of has already been mentioned: babysit during the day. The recession is going to cause more people to look for cheaper daycare.
    I hope you find something soon.

  21. I am so sorry that your going through this. You and your family will be in my prayers.

  22. I'm so sorry about your job! I will keep you in prayers. I don't know any work from home jobs (wish I did!!!) I normally woudl work under the table as a caregiver here.

  23. oh this is sad - and I am sorry for you.
    I've got nothing . . . if I could find something that fits our family schedule - I would have done it years ago!

  24. Oh man I am so sorry! I hope you can find the perfect thing for you!!

  25. I am SO sorry to hear about your job! They've talked a lot about working from home on "Good Morning America" so you may find something on their website. I know a lot of places require you to have training first which costs money.

    I'll be praying for you!

  26. I can certainly understand and identify with your feelings of fear and being overwhelmed. I wish I could find a stay at home job, but I haven't had much luck finding any job at all so far. This economy is killing me. Unfortunately, I was the only employed person in my household, so it is really hard.

    I will be praying for both of us that it all works out.

  27. I am so sorry to hear this news. I hope you find something else soon. With that, I have stumbled across a blog a few times that always has work at home options listed. Some of it is really interesting; some not so much but take a look and watch the postings. Maybe you'll find something there one of these days. Here's the link. I hope it helps.

  28. Oh I am SO sorry! I hate to hear that is where they are cutting! I just prayed you would find what you need!

  29. I'm so sorry. Unfortunately I can totally relate. My husband was laid off two weeks ago. He is a software engineer and was our only household income. It is SCARY.

    I do think you can do research or other types of writing, editing, etc. Online. I have actually been looking into that type of thing myself. I have some freelance writing experience, so I'm hoping to make something work.

    Good luck - you'll get through this . . . everything happens for a reason and maybe something even better is waiting out there for you.

  30. Bummer! I'm sure it had to have been a tough call for them to have made. At least you have a little time to process and plan.

    I don't have any great advice for you to get another job; but we have been cutting costs around here. You can drop your home phone line and get a "MagicJack" piece (about $20 a yr) to have unlimited phone calls using your internet connection ( Their ads are corny; but PC Magazine is backing it and we have one and our in laws are even converting.

    We are dropping our Dish Network in the Spring (we were waiting until we could get outside more - may be perfect timing for your job loss) Now you can watch so many shows on line...somehow my husband has worked it to get our computer to display on our large screen so we can watch it as if we were watching TV. Occasionally the feed is slow; but not very often.

    We have cut back on the "hot lunch" options at school, planned meals a little better, etc. This is going to be widespread so I'm sure we will all have a chance to learn from each other!!


  31. I just discovered your blog from SITS, and I'm sorry to read this news. Have you checked into doing some type of consulting? My sister works from home transcribing tapes from car insurance companies (you know, when you get in an accident, they call you and tape the whole thing). Since she types fast, she makes about 30 bucks an hour. She also can write off a lot of expenses on her taxes (her accountant even said that she can write off the electricity to run the computer!)

  32. i was waiting to comment on this post because i wanted to read your comments. the economy has been very hard on us also. when people have to start choosing between losing their house to the bank or paying their insurance bills, they stop paying their insurance...thus no commission for us.

    i hope you find something perfect!