Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanks Biggest Loser!

How was your Thanksgiving? I have been having fun with family in the middle of nowhere in Wyoming. As far as eating, I was REALLY good yesterday. Usually I load my plate up to overflowing, eat it all, and then have seconds. This year I only put things on my plate that I really wanted to eat. Most of my food wasn't even touching! I ate a lot of veggies and water pre-meal, so I was satisfied after. I didn't even eat too much pie!

So this week I am hoping to maintain my pre-Thanksgiving loss. I weighed myself before we left home and I had lost a pound! Wahoo! Since we are away from home, I am going to wait to weigh myself until I get home tomorrow.

Weight: no change
Goal: lose 1 pound next week

It seems that Thanksgiving put the pound I lost back on. Oh well!

LOVED the Biggest Loser this week! Maybe it's because I didn't have very high expectations. I didn't think that Michelle and Renee could both avoid being below the yellow line, but they did it! Michelle losing ten pounds was awesome! I am SO glad that it won't be all blue in the final four. Now if only they could get rid of Vicki!

I couldn't believe how manipulative she was this week. I don't know how the other blue players couldn't see what she was up too! It almost made me physically sick when she won the challenge because I couldn't think of anyone less deserving. If she told us how much she loved football one more time I thought I was going to throw up.

I was not surprised at all that Amy got voted out this week! I KNEW that she made a bad decision last week. She basically picked up the viper(Vicki) and carried it across the river. Then the viper turned around and bit her. I don't know how she didn't see it coming!


  1. oh how frustrated was I with Vicki's antics this week... grrr! I was glad to hear Michelle call it out loud

    I was fussing at the tv saying... if you'd only voted Vicki off last week you'd still be here!

  2. You did GREAT at Thanksgiving!!! Water is our friend!!

  3. I also watched what I consumed yesterday. It was really hard...

    I was so friggin' happy when I saw how much Renee and Michelle lost! So happy! And Amy...I swear she's got no brains. How she could have thought for one moment that Icky was "passed" the Brady vote...she deserved to get voted off for being an idiot. Unfortunately, that mean Icky is now to the makeover portion of the season and there is no one less deserving.

  4. hear you on the 'puking' thing. argh. can't wait til she's gone. hopefully it's before the finals. argh. go black team.