Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tag! I'm IT!

Remember when you played tag when you were younger and you were always bummed when you got tagged and were "it"? Well, I just got tagged... twice! How bad can that be? :o)

Actually, this time I didn't mind at all (probably because there is no running involved). Apparently AVT Coach and Mrs. S both want to know just how strange I really am.

So without further ado, here are seven things about me that you may not know (or even want to!).
1. I cannot stand leg hair... on my legs, that is. I actually shave my legs each day when I shower so that I don't have to experience that icky, scratchy leg stubble. *shudder*

2. Everyone in the Honey House has a biblical name (their real names as well as the fake names I use for the boys on my blog). When we named Jonah it just kind of happened that his name was biblical like ours (we like traditional names). With Eli we decided to go with the flow.

3. I am a Librarian with a Master's Degree in Information Resources and Library Science. Since the boys joined our family, I only work part-time at our local university (8 hours per week).

4. My mother-in-law is a Librarian... and get this, so is my mother! Freaky, huh? I met my husband while in graduate school, and nearly passed our when I found out what his mom did for a living.

5. I am now a cycling enthusiast. I got a road bike two months ago and have cycled over 200 miles since then.

6. I grew up on a dairy farm (I almost just typed diary farm- Haha!) for the first ten years of my life. I have helped milk cows, move sprinkler pipe, feed calves, and other chores I have probably blocked from memory.

7. One year when I was growing up I decided I wanted to be a butterfly for Halloween. I wore black from head to toe and made my own wings out of cardboard. They were beautiful! Then it snowed and my mom ruined my costume by making me wear my coat.
Tag! Now you're it. Since I'm not a fast runner (and I like to break the rules), I only managed to tag the following bloggers:

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  1. I love it all and no wonder you love children's books! A librarian! Maybe you could give me a list of your favorites! I so admire your new venture into cycling and so glad you have something that you can do with your husband. This was a great list and I will have to go to your friends blogs to read theirs. Thanks for playing along!

  2. Thanks for the tag :)

    I love doing these, it's fun just to name random stuff about you that you normally wouldn't mention!

    I will have to check out your other tagees and read their lists!

    Oh and I'm not a fast runner either don't worry!

  3. That is awesome you've been cycling so much. I am ashamed & saddened that we live a mile from a bike trail and have only gone once. I'm going to change that!!!!!

  4. So fun & I love it! I actually have always wanted to be a librarian! I LOVE LOVE LOVE books!
    My dad used to be really into cycling. You need a recumbant can practically lay down while you cycle!

  5. I have been tagged several times.. It is fun to read little bits and pieces about everyone..

    I love love love childrens books too.

  6. My Dad is also a librarian at a local university - I didn't realize so many people were librarians! I think that would be a very fun job. Lucky you! Do you have a list of good children's books? I need to start collecting them for the little one.

  7. What a fun list. I love getting to know you better and thanks for tagging me. I will do it, hopefully this weekend. And thanks for the plug!