Monday, September 29, 2008

Toothpicks and Q-tips

I ran into "Not me! Monday" on a blog that I read occasionally and I thought it looked like a whole lot of fun. So without further ado, here is a list of thing that I absolutely, positively did not do in the past week:
I did not wait to get breakfast for my son until he repeatedly asked me to because I was busy on the computer... ( I was not blogging, really!).
I did not give my son peanut butter crackers and let him eat them on my husband's side of the bed so I could sleep in a little longer. Twice. (Sorry honey!)
I did not let my son drink some of my diet coke when he asked for it because that would not be good for him at all, right?
I did not give my son's face a spit bath in public.
I did not bicycle 67 miles on my birthday because that would be just plain crazy. (There will not be tons of photos and commentary about it on my next post either :o)
While we are confessing things here, just so you know I have a thing about ear wax. I can't stand yucky, waxy ears. (Yes, I do use Q-tips with caution on my kid's ears even though they are sharper than my elbow!). Apparently Jonah, my two-year-old, has picked up his ear cleanliness habit from me. So after a bath one morning this week he and I had the following conversation:

Jonah: I have some ear wax. I need a toothpick.
Me: A toothpick, are you sure?
Jonah: Yep. I need a toothpick for you to clean my earwax.
Me: Umm... Maybe you mean a Q-tip.
Jonah: Oh. I need a Q-pick for my earwax.
Me: You mean a Q-tip?
Jonah: Yes. A Cute-tip.
Me (laughing): close enough.


  1. Too cute, the Q-tip thing. These past two weeks since I started my blog, it has been the same in my house, basically "just a minute honey..." as I blog away!
    Country Mom

  2. Great post! I did not lick my finger to get something off my baby's face during our county parade either! Nope, would never do such a gross thing as that!!

  3. Ok, so I laughed out loud at the eating crackers on the hubby's side of the bed...I thought I was the only one who had ever done that!

  4. I am loving the conversation between you and your little guy.. to cute..

  5. We gotta do what we gotta do to get some extra sleep - a couple crumbs won't definitely had me laughing with this one!!

  6. yeah, I made my kids late to school one morning 'cause I was busy checking blogs and leaving comments...oh crap look at the time!

  7. Cute-tip, that's what I'm going to call them from now on.
    I am just acting like I haven't read that article stating it's bad practice to clean out your ears.

  8. I did your first not this morning too! My little one kept saying eat did feed her though!!

  9. Love the post! I let my daughter eat chips on her daddy's side of the bed one morning. He never knew the difference! =)

  10. That's very cute--I didn't do a lot of those things either this past week. :)

  11. Spit bath! That was on my first Not Me Monday edition, too. You're just not a real mom until you do that sort of thing!

    And letting the kids eat on dad's side of the bed while you sleep...done that too - many a morning. It saves lives during the day. :-)

    Oh - and I think you ought to post your spaghetti sauce recipe!! I have a Tasty Tuesday thing can hop on that bandwagon if you want! (cuz I want your recipe!) :-)