Monday, September 8, 2008

Spill Proof Sippy Cups and other Fairy Tales

Yesterday Honey Daddy had a meeting to attend before church. So it was up to me to get myself and both boys dressed and ready to go. Anyone who has children knows this is no simple task!

Within an hour and a half I managed to take Jonah to the potty, get everyone breakfast, take a shower, get out our Sunday clothes, get Jonah dressed, blow dry my hair, feed Eli, iron my skirt, get Eli dressed, curl my hair, pack the diaper bag, and get dressed myself. Honey Daddy came back in time to help get the boys shoes on and we headed out the door.

We put the boys in their car seats and I had the diaper bag on my lap as we drove over to the church. On the way there I noticed that my leg felt a little wet. When I looked down I saw an expanding spot of red juice on my khaki skirt. Oh No!

Apparently the Take 'N Toss cup that I had put in the outside pocket of the backpack we use for a diaper bag had somehow tipped over... and it wasn't as "spill proof" as they claim.

I felt like a complete idiot for putting red juice in there, but the cups aren't supposed to spill or drip, right? So we walk into the building, all the while I am covering my skirt up with the bag. I head for the ladies room as soon as we get there to try to get the stain out.

I end up hiding out in the mother's room, stripped down to just my slip while I frantically work on my skirt. I got the stain out, but was left with a wet spot bigger than my hand. So I am alternately trying to sponge out the water with paper towels and then flapping the skirt in the air to dry it. I probably looked like an idiot! Good thing no one was in there.

I returned to my seat just in time for the meeting to start. My husband informed me when I got there that Eli just spit up all over his suit. Nice.

What a great morning we were having. Then during the meeting Jonah needed to go potty. When I was in the restroom with him I noticed that there was a thumbprint-sized spot of red juice on the BACK of my skirt. What?! How did that get there?!

I didn't even bother to work on that spot because apparently I just can't win.

So now I am on a quest to find a sippy cup that DOES NOT SPILL. The Take N Toss ones are nice because they are cheap, but I need to find something that we can take with us in the car and when we are out and about that will not spill... on me, on the car, whatever.

Any ideas?


  1. I'm so many years past sippy cups. Wish I could help. However, I still get stains and spills all over me. maybe they make sippy cups for middle-aged women? Your post took me back though. Thanks.

  2. I've seen moms with metal cups that have a sippy cup top that looks pretty leak proof. I can't remember the brand--maybe kleen kanteen or sigg? They're expensive, but you could eventually swap the top out.

  3. There's a sippy cup out there that has a silicon sippy part (I think it's for transitioning from the bottle to the cup too) and I NEVER had that one spill. Sorry I don't have one anymore to look at the brand. We're out of the sippy cup stage!!! YAY!

  4. What an adventure! What mom hasn't had something spill on themselves...
    I have not use sippy cups in soo long...but Gerber made some decent ones...I hope you get some better tips from moms that actually still use them.

  5. I really can't help you out here. I really don't think they make such a thing ;). The only way I ever was able to transport drinks without getting any on me was the kind that you could put a seal on the inside and then unscrew it and remove it later. I just gave up and do the juice box thing!

  6. All I can say is, good luck!! After 4 kids, I never did find one that didn't leak when tipped on its side. Now you know why I hate red juice. We try to stick to white grape or apple. Much easier to clean up!

  7. We had the sippy tops for our Avent bottles. They were pretty secure. But I must admit. I'm a wuss and would never put colored juice in a travel cup.

  8. I've seen cups that have straws with a flip lid. Kind of like the thermos' that would come in lunch boxes in the 80's. I'll ask around to get the specifics.

    Canada is beautiful. Alberta and British Columbia are the best. It is a must see.

  9. You are a real trooper! I well remember the days when it was RARE for me to hear a sermon from beginning to end!

    I hope you succeed in your quest for the better sippy cup. I'm past that stage now (youngest son is 12 and is now a proficient sipper).

  10. It was one of those days. It seems like whenever I wear khaki or white that happens. IMO, gerber has the best sippies. They have this little plug that does a good job.

  11. I have no advice, but I do hope you find a better solution because that would not be my favorite way to spend time.

  12. oh. my.


    hope your day got better! and hope you find yourself a good, spill proof sippy.
    until then, no more red juices, lol.

  13. Yep, Take and Toss are only for water in our house! I don't think anything is truly spill proof. What a day you had!

  14. Another tip I just thought of. When you do popsicles did you know they have clear ones that taste fruity? I forget exactly what they are called something like White Sharks but a must have!!

  15. Our favorite brand was Gerber. We liked the hourglass shaped ones. I think we only have had two or three leaks in six years, and most are recent because the cups are getting older. The only time we had a real problem with leaking is if the plug fell out because it was dropped on a really hard floor.