Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Rain Delay & September Snow??

We had some fun plans for Labor Day. Honey Daddy and I were going to ditch the boys and go on a long bike ride together by the lake. Doesn't that sound nice? Then maybe we would all go out to lunch together.

Too bad some plans don't make it past the reality check.

Yesterday it started to pour. We are talking thunder, lightening, and buckets of water. This morning when we woke up it was still overcast and the pavement was wet. So we decided it was not worth packing the kids and bikes up only to get drenched. *sigh*

We planned to swap babysitting with some friends, so we are still watching their girls late this afternoon so they can go to a movie... and wouldn't you know it, the weather is clearing up!

So instead of going on a bike ride together, my honey is on a ride right now and I will go when he gets home. I guess we'll try to go together again this weekend. The weather is supposed to get better.

Speaking of crazy weather, I talked to my mom today and she told me that it snowed in Star Valley, Wyoming this morning! Can you believe it? Snow in September!

My sister and her family went to visit my parents this weekend. They went boating on Saturday and then Monday they played in the snow! They got a little bit of everything!

The kids had to borrow hats and gloves from grandma's closet to go out and play in the snow.

Check out the cars and the boat coated with snow.

This is my favorite photo. Talk about clash of the seasons! Check out the kiddie pool full of water on green grass that was spared from the snow by the tree... not to mention the flowers in the foreground!

I hope that this is not foreshadowing the weather for this fall! We had such a short Spring, I hope that we get to have a nice, protracted Fall season.

So how was your Labor Day?


  1. It snowed in CO two weeks ago. Trail Ridge Rd was closed. It was enough that driving to work the following Monday I could see the entire back range covered. Took the entire day to melt off.

    I do not want another blizzardous winter a la 2006.

  2. I stayed in my pj's all day!

    Oh no, snow in September.....Yikes! Maybe we'll actually get some snow this year here in the mountains?!

  3. My kids left for school today in 48 degree temperatures. Weird weather! Sorry our plans were rained out!

  4. Oh wow. I can't imagine snow in September in GA. It'll be hot here til the end of September. We might see a flurry or two in December or January. :)

  5. Snow and boating within the same weekend. I can't imagine anything more awesome!