Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bobbleheads Ate My Money

Yesterday morning I was busy making and canning salsa in the kitchen. Eli was asleep in his crib, and my two year old was playing in the living room.

So I was up to my armpits in tomatoes, blanching them, peeling the skins off, and cutting them up when Jonah walks in to the kitchen and says "What's Jonah doing?"

Uh Oh! I thought.
That question is a dead giveaway that he is doing something he shouldn't be doing. I guess it's like his way of telling on himself.

I said, "I don't know buddy, what are you doing?"

To which he says, "Ohh! Where's Jonah's money?"

He has a jar that serves as a piggy bank and he was playing with it in the other room. When I peeked into the living room I could see that the jar was almost empty.

"Jonah, where did you put your money?" I asked him.

He gestured at one of his toys, you know the kind that pops up when you pull the lever or twist the knob? Our version of this toy is particularly obnoxious because not only do they pop up, they giggle and sing a song... AND the pop up animals have bobbleheads!

Anyway, Jonah told me that his money was "in there".

So I picked it up and gave it a shake. Clink-clank clink! Sure enough, all of Jonah's missing money was now inside the toy. I couldn't figure out how he got the money in there, let alone how to get it out!

When my husband got home from work I told him this story and he just laughed. Upon inspection we decided that Jonah probably inserted the coins in the crack behind the doors. Either that or he put the money in when the bobbleheads were up and then shut them... and the bobbleheads ATE the money. I always knew they were evil.

Honey Daddy managed to get the coins out by turning the toy upside down, giggling it, and repeatedly opening and shutting the doors (to much giggling and fanfare, which cracked me up!). Eventually the bobbleheads coughed up all the money.

Maybe I'll have to put that toy out of reach somewhere. Who knows what the bobbleheads will get hungry for next?


  1. I guess it is better the bobbleheads ate them than your own kid! This reminds me of when my kid puts all the eyes into the heads of the cootie bugs. Literally, inside. The heads don't pop apart like they used too, but the shake method usually works.

  2. Oh, that is HILARIOUS! Leave it to a toddler to find a way to wedge things in places that even physics couldn't imagine...

  3. Too funny! I love how your son tells on himself!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog.


  4. That is hilarious! Glad you got the money out though, it all adds up! : )

  5. That game me a good laugh. Those eveil, evil bobble heads :)

  6. Evil, thieving bobbleheads. Keep your eyes on them. Watch the dog.


  7. I absolutely LOVE how he tells on himself. That's the cutest thing ever. Glad his money was recovered, too. I'm SO looking forward to seeing you next week for a wordful! :)

  8. I have that same toy. Our is not a household, favorite, thankfully. Glad you got those noisy little bobble heads to cough it up!

  9. That is hilarious! My daughter, if doing something she shouldn't be and I ask her about it, will just reply "No!" I know to get in there pronto if that's the case because if she knows it's's really bad!

  10. I really love this story! I wish my kids would tell on themselves!!