Sunday, July 6, 2008

A funny thing happened on my way to going crazy...

Yesterday I was having ONE OF THOSE DAYS... you know, where nothing really horrible happens. Just a bunch of annoying little things.

1. I was tired from staying up late the night before to watch fireworks.

2. I had a headache all day and my body was not responding to pain medications.

3. Shopping with two kids and a headache... need I say more?

4. I finally folded the load of laundry that I did two days previous (mostly because we needed some clean underwear, you know?)

5. I almost finished ironing my shirt for Sunday, when I found a spot on it.

6. Watched a movie with Honey Daddy and kids, which I enjoyed but it made me late getting the kids bathed and in bed.

7. I was totally working on getting everything ready to travel to my sister's house for a baby blessing on Sunday while my husband played on the computer.

8. Worked on cleaning spot off Sunday shirt and ended up with bleach odor permanently soaked into hands.

Then it happened. My hands felt dry so I went to get some lotion in my bedroom. I love Aveeno lotion, and we usually buy a two-pack at Costco. This time there was a smaller sample-size bottle in with the two big bottles. I was excited to have a little bottle of lotion to carry around with me.

So this was the first bottle I happened upon, and I opened it up and squirted it on my hands. As I was rubbing it in I thought, "Wow. This smells nice! I don't remember my big bottles of lotion smelling like this. I guess it must be a new kind or something."

Then I noticed that it wasn't really rubbing in. So I thought I must have got too much and rubbed some on my stomach to spread it around. It was then that I noticed that it didn't really FEEL like lotion. So I looked at the little bottle; it was body wash.

Who puts a sample of body wash in a container that looks EXACTLY like the lotion containers? Who puts body wash samples in with lotion for that matter?

By this point I just had to laugh as I rinsed my hands off. At least they were clean, right?

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  1. There for a minute I thought it was going to be a personal lubricant! ;o)