Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Here's Your Sign!

I spent most of yesterday giving tours of the new UVU Library. It is a gorgeous building, don't you think?

It is actually even more beautiful on the inside (contact me for inexpensive guided tours!!). It has beautiful views of Utah Lake and nearly all of Utah Valley. I am looking forward to working in this large and spacious building with one exception...

Where on EARTH did they come up with this signage? This is what you will find hanging right outside of one of the restroom doors. Am I the only one who finds this a bit confusing and ambiguous?

Almost everyone has had the same reaction to these signs... HUH?!?

Since I am probably going to be asked about these signs many times, Honey Daddy and I have come up with some possible explanations as to who can use this bathroom:

1. This bathroom can only be used by handicapped women or transgendered persons (or anyone confused about their gender identity).

This restroom may be used by single women, handicapped individuals, AND married women (thus the woman-slash-man picture).

This is a handicapped-accessible womens restroom that may also be used by women who used to be men.

4. This is a unisex bathroom; however, if you are handicapped you must be a woman to use the bathroom.

5. If you can see these signs, go ahead and use this bathroom.

What these signs actually mean is that there is a handicap-accessible womens restroom with a FAMILY bathroom down the same hall. I TOTALLY get that from those signs, don't you?

We also noticed that apparently only men are allowed to use the elevator. DANG IT! You mean I have to climb up all five flights of stairs?!

*Update: I actually did walk up the stairs quite a few times the other day and I almost can't MOVE today(Wed.) because my legs are KILLING me! My calves are mooing their displeasure right now, let me tell you!


  1. Those signs look pretty confusing to me too. Oh and by the way it doesn't look like women and use the stairs either. Notice that's a men using the stairs too!


  2. We attend a conference next June in Salt Lake City, Utah.

    So what other kind of elevator is there besides a people one ? One for freight ?

  3. Way too funny. It is good to think about, since we are ordering signs for our building. Compared to the old elevators you used to have (one tried to eat me once) I think you could put pink polka dots out for signs and students would still be thrilled. Congrats on a gorgeous library!

  4. Love the signs due to their ambiguity. Awesome.

    Also, the library IS pretty.