Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cart me away!

Please tell me someone else has done this...

So I went shopping for groceries at Wal-Mart this morning and I got one of the enormous carts. You know the kind that feels like you are steering a big blue buffalo around the store? I'm not talking about the fun kind with the cute car in front of the basket. No... these are the ones where it's you, a spot for two kids (more if you are creative), and your basket WAY out in front somewhere.

With my two boys I can't use a regular cart and put one of them in the basket and the other in the seat because then where do I put the groceries? Sometimes I think... "I'm not getting that much. I can put the car seat in the bottom of the basket." Then I end up stacking groceries all around the carseat and once they are bagged they will never fit back in there!

So I have resigned myself to the hugenormous carts that don't exactly turn on a dime (heck, they probably wouldn't even turn on an oversized frisbee).

The only problem with these carts is that with a baby's car seat on top and you pushing on a bar approximately THREE FEET behind that it is impossible to see where you are going. So I'm on my way out of the store when... CRASH! I felt like I'd hit a brick wall, but I still couldn't SEE what I had hit. So I go around to the front of the cart to find that I ran right into one of the bright red poles. You know the ones in front of the store that are there for absolutely no reason I can determine? (Why? WHY are they there, people?) I swear everyone walking by was laughing at me as my two year old freaks out and starts asking if we had an "ack-ident". It was a little bit embarassing, to say the least.

Then after playgroup today we went to Albertsons because they were having a great sale on chicken. They only had regular carts in the store, so I put the carseat in the basket. I was only getting chicken, right? Hah! By the time we were done I could barely fit the groceries back in!

Why don't more places have the carts like Costco's that can seat two kids? I can't wait until Eli is big enough to sit up by himself, but I don't know how excited I am to try to get my two-year-old to follow me around instead of riding in the cart!


  1. It's called "creative stacking".... yea that thing I do at the store each week with baby in the seat part, toddler in the big basket (don't you dare put anything on them) and 5 year old in tow. The huge carts are such a pain, but even in the regular carts it is hard to see over the car seat. I think the red posts are there to stop someone from ramming into the store with their car, an unhappy consumer perhaps!

  2. You are probably right about the red posts, but I still think they are obnoxious.

    I have put Jonah in the basket before, but then I somehow end up with damaged goods (even if he's trying to be careful). I'm not a big fan of smushed bread, etc.

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one who hates the "limo" carts!

  4. lol I came across your site from the Make Me Laugh Monday site, and I have to say, you definitely made me laugh! This story was hilarious!! Thank you so much for sharing. Even though I can't relate because I don't have kids, I was dying laughing! Thanks!