Saturday, June 28, 2008

Nature Walk

Almost every morning I haul myself out of bed around 6 a.m. and after breakfast I go on a walk, pushing the boys in our double stroller. Eli usually falls asleep in his car seat but Jonah is always looking around, commenting on everything he sees (sometimes he's just talking to himself because I am listening to music or books).

Yesterday I noticed a beetle as we walked toward our house through the cemetery. I walked past it and then paused. I thought, "I should show Jonah the beetle. We can watch it together and learn about nature."

So I am anticipating a wonderful nature moment with my little boy as I turn the stroller around and point to the ground.

Me: Look Jonah! A beetle!
Jonah: Oh!
Me: See it walking across the pavement?
Jonah: Step on it!

Ha! So much for the beauties of nature! :o)


  1. It's a guy thing. I know little boy whose dad had him stomping on baby mice. Eeewww!

  2. Now that REALLY is disgusting. He probably got the idea from us though because we do step on spiders we find in the house.

  3. You'll have to find a dung beetle. That might fascinate him enough to leave it alive.

  4. That is too funny! My boys are a little older and I'm always happy when they come running to kill the spiders for mommy.